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Jack (O’Lantern) of all trades

I love Halloween.

I love most celebrations, Christmas, Easter, Halloween (I don’t really like New Year).

But I do particularly love Halloween, I’m not sure why but I just do. So as the sneak peaks have shown I’ve been building up to this for a while! As I’m working there won’t be anything really exciting happening on Halloween, just the standard dilemma of if I put the pumpkin outside I can’t see it, if it’s inside other people can’t appreciate it.

To make sure I was fully prepared, I have knitted decorations

I have sewn decorations

I have crocheted decorations

The atmosphere now is suitably spooky.

Let’s not forget the best decoration of all- The carved pumpkin! I have carved a pumpkin every year that I can remember, one year due to lack of pumpkins in store I even carved a butternut squash!

I’ve been working up to doing the pumpkin eating a small pumpkin for a while now, don’t ask me why, it’s Halloween, for one day a year we can get away with these weird things.

And here it is.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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