The knitter’s year (or the time taken to make this door stop)

First, on a site admin note, I don’t think my name appears anywhere on my blog! Whoops. It’s Natalie! I’ve gone back and added it to my About page.

Things have been really busy now I’m back in England and looking for a job properly I’m also doing some intern work which involves maintaining someone else’s blog so I’m going to try very hard not to let this blog get left behind.

I recently purchased the Debbie Bliss’ book The Knitter’s Year, as I love debbie bliss yarns. The book is really lovely and I love how she has set the projects out season by season.

I decided to start with the door stop as all the doors in my house are self-closing which is very annoying. It’s worked in Debbie Bliss Eco Aran in a tweed stitch that is super strong and sturdy so the peas can’t fall out. It does mean though that it took a long time to knit, as it is so tightly knit and dense.

Assembling it clearly required a degree other than the one I have, as I couldn’t not make any sense of it, it didn’t help that at one point you have to get it into a humbug shape. What is a humbug??? I googled it and it still didn’t help!

I was just about ready to give up when I found another blog post where someone went through step by step what to do.

Filling it with the dried peas was a lot of fun. I started off with a funnel, but that was a bit boring and slow and not really in the spirit of throwing peas everywhere. (I’m sure I’ll be finding peas everywhere for the next week).

So finally it’s finished, I was worried about the seams being messy but I managed to keep the back fairly tidy.

I had planned to make another one, but think I need some time away from tweed stitch. And I have plenty of other projects to get on with, I recently moved my wool stash into what was the log basket as I was running out of storage space!

The new Header photo on my blog features the 100% alpaca, all natural dyed wool I got given as a gift from someone who went to Peru!

There are lots of things I want to try in The Knitter’s Year so I’m going to hold back verdict as the door stop may have been a one off bad experience.

There are some lovely children size patterns in the book, however, not knowing any children (and also being selfish) I want to make them for me in adult size, is it possible to transform a child pattern (in this case a hat) up to adult size? Any advice would be great!


9 thoughts on “The knitter’s year (or the time taken to make this door stop)

    • Though I do sometimes feel like the doorstop is a little too pretty to just be holding the door open ( I also worry about the door ruining it trying to close on it all the time!) but maybe I’m just getting a little too attached to my knitted goods!

  1. Oh wow I received this book a couple of Christmases ago and I hadn’t gone through it properly! So glad there is a doorstop pattern in it cos a doorstop is on my must haves in my bedroom! Thank you for blogging this! Can I ask if you could post the link of that other blog where you got help? it would be helpful! Thanks!

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