Fancy Dress

DIY flower headdress/ garland

I recently had an impromptu fancy dress occasion, not having much time to prepare I decided to go as some kind of flower fairy/ wood nymph and make a floral headdress.  I love fancy dress (it’s another great escape) and I love designing and making the costumes, it’s all the little details that make the outfit.

Here is the step by step process I used:

Three pieces of wire wrapped together to fit loosely on my head.

I used fake flowers as real ones would wilt too quickly in the heat.

Using green tie wire I wrapped each flower tightly to the metal.

I attached flowers all the way around the headdress.

I then wrapped ribbon around between the flowers and tied it at the back. I then made an accompanying corsage.

Now I can’t helping thinking forward to Halloween, and possible fancy dress ideas…

Is an elaborate home-made fancy dress costume for Halloween a bit over the top when I may not actually have any plans??


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