A quick treat- crochet clutch bag

I had a bit of a disaster with this post! I was so excited to write it and share my bag that I did it two days ago and published it, I then accidentally published it to facebook. Whilst the person the gift was for does not follow my blog they do have facebook! Then followed a crazy ten minutes whilst I tried to remove this post after realising what I’d done! Luckily she didn’t see it, but did love the present when I gave it to her yesterday, I can also now add a picture of the cake!So I’ve  finished off the clutch bag I mentioned I was working on for a Birthday just in time for tomorrow!

The pattern is from Let’s Get Crafting Issue 43.

It took me quite a while to get started with the interlocking pattern, I had to consult the LGC forum to see if anyone else had had problems as I could not make sense of the first few rows. And as the pattern claimed it was QUICK and EASY there was a lot of me complaining that it was SLOW and PAINFUL.

To save time I did the WS slightly differently or the RS and WS would have looked identical.

Eventually I got into the rhythm of doing it and it did produce a lovely solid fabric so it doesn’t need to be lined.

Fastened with a heart button, though made the buttonhole much smaller (half the size) to fit it.

It’s been filled with little bits and pieces.

And is wrapped and ready to go! I’m also making the Birthday Cake so need to get that done now!


4 thoughts on “A quick treat- crochet clutch bag

  1. I want to make one now Natalie it looks really pretty – well it was really pretty almost as pretty as the 2 girls at the table that night xxx

  2. Rula absolutely loves it 🙂 I keep hoping she might forget all about it and then I can spirit it away 🙂
    What fantastic fun we all had on her birthday and the last week you were here in Cyprus.
    Lv Angela xx

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