Cyprus Colours Crochet

A Mollie Makes Project Review.

I recently discovered the magazine Mollie Makes and wanted to try out some of the projects. I decided to attempt the crochet towel edging from Issue 17. It seemed fairly simple and I thought I could make some as gifts for people, I also happened to have cotton perle yarn in white and blue so thought I could give the towel a Cyprus theme.

It was not however quite as simple as it seemed! The crochet needle was very small and at times it seemed like I was trying to crochet with a thread of cotton!

The pattern was also a little overcrowded for my liking so if I do it again I would simplify it a bit (It would make my job easier as well!).

There were a few mistakes, so the next one would hopefully be quicker and a bit tidier, but the question is; was it worth the effort? I worry that I would give them to people as gifts and they wouldn’t realize it has been done by hand and think I’ve just bought them some towels! They do lovely lace work in Cyprus and I could quite easily buy something for not much money, does it being handmade by me give it the edge??


4 thoughts on “Cyprus Colours Crochet

  1. of course it’s always worth it my darling and perhaps all the bathrooms in the house would benefit from a new lacey Cyprus themed towel.

  2. Oh it’s so pretty! I think it’s too pretty to use though but would look great adorning a shelf in the bathroom. You are so clever I don;t know how you did this particular project

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