Crochet / knitting


With all the different knitting and crochet blogs, it’s like knitting in a giant knitting network, what I wanted to share today was the network of knitters closer to home, all the people in my family who are always knitting or crocheting or working on something new!

Mums, Aunties, Cousins, there’s people knitting everywhere all the time, and some of their projects just needed to be shared!

A lovely cousin made this amazing blanket using crochet techniques and Sugar n Cream wool.

One very talented Aunty made these cushions

and this dishcloth with Sugar n Cream, that is much too nice to be used on any dishes!

My mum’s been crocheting (As I’ve discovered it’s too hot for knitting in Cyprus, but crochet is just about bearable) and produced this bag which I hope to attempt too at some point.

Another lovely Aunty has been making bits and pieces but with Summer holidays and small children, I’m still waiting on the photos!

Meanwhile my blanket progresses… square by square


2 thoughts on “Close-Knit

  1. the question is could I steal a few squares each day whilst Natalie isn’t looking to add to my own granny square blanket……………………………..there is nothing quite as peaceful as knitting side by side especially if it’s under a gazebo or willow tree.

  2. Oh I love this blog! I really want and need one of those bags it looks amazing! Your squares look so neat, I am so looking forward to seeing the finished item, will it be for a bed?

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