My Olympic Dress Envy

I stayed up right until the very end to watch the Olympic Closing ceremony (about 2 in the morning) but it was definitely worth it. The music was amazing, but what I loved was that British Fashion finally (and literally) took centre stage.

Here are some of the highlights, that I’d like to add to my to-do list.

These dresses were all wonderful

Supermodels Lily Cole, Karen Elson, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell walk the catwalk in a show of British beauty and design

The Telegraph even joked that we needed to get fashion catwalking as an Olympic Sport.

These were my two favourite dresses. Georgia May Jagger in Victoria Beckham and Jourdan Dunn in Jonathan Sunders and Stephen Jones (the impressive 21 feather headress). I’m definitely putting a skater style dress on my to-do list and I love that bold strip of gold down a white dress.

I also loved the hooped dresses that the dancers wore when Annie Lennox performed, can we bring back wire under structures for dresses?? Im tempted! They were also reminiscent of Sweeny Todd (I’ve made a Mrs Lovett costume before!)

I loved these dancers with Russell Brand in giant white… (I don’t really know what to call them…) almost like jacket/wing/ back decorations?? teamed with some great stripy tights

One look I won’t be trying… Jessie J in an Ice-Skating style nude suit.

Trio: Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz perform during the closing ceremony

And I couldn’t end without mentioning the Spice Girls ( I was quite impressed with Geri’s updated version of the Union Jack tea towel dress).

Spice up the stage: The Spice Girls reformed to perform a spectacular set on the top of black London taxis at the closing ceremony

What an amazing night! And I never thought it would give me so many ideas, now I definitely need to get to the fabric shop.

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