Escape (to) the country

I’ve finally escaped the English weather in exchange for some Mediterranean sunshine. I love to travel (and not just because flight time is a great way to catch up on knitting and crochet), and this blog will undoubtedly feature lots of travelling as well as crafting!

I happily crocheted on the plane, security didn’t even mention the scissors I’d been so worried about. I’m really pleased with how the squares are turning out as it’s only my second ever crochet project! The edges are a little wobbly, but I think that was probably down to air turbulence.

Just 56 to go!

After only one day I’ve already seen so many beautiful things I wanted to photograph and share on my blog! I’ll be drawing a lot of inspiration from these Cyprus scenes.

This is me trying to capture looking up at the palm trees.

Look at these woolly friends!

I was tempted to ask the shepherd where their wool went!


4 thoughts on “Escape (to) the country

  1. blue sky yes but what she hasn’t mentioned is the tremendous amount of wind the goats had………………………………….it was funny. The squares are very very pretty and so well made x

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