Travel Knitting and Airport Security

I have two projects I’m working on at the moment, (my fingers don’t feel busy enough if I don’t have at least two things I’m making), one is a Louisa Harding knitted 1920s dress from her Nouveau pattern book that I’m knitting in the round. The other is a crochet blanket that I have been planning for forever, but I had to learn to crochet first! I’ve finally got the necessary skills, chosen my wool (a mixture of Mirasol dks), and the pattern I want to use ( a flower from the Cool Girls’ Guide to Crochet which is only £3.76 on Amazon at the moment:

Mirasol yarn T’ika and Cotanini

I’m going on holiday next week and want to take a project with me on the aeroplane.  The dress is getting a bit big and unwieldy, so probably wont make me popular with the people next to me on the flight.

So I’m going to take my crochet squares, it seems like the perfect idea, they’re small and compact and I won’t keep jabbing people with long knitting needles. However, I do have to be able to cut the wool, according to the airline I can take scissors with blades under 3 cm. I emailed and asked if I could take a stitch ripper, but it was a definite no. So I’ve hunted everywhere and found the smallest pair of scissors ever, I’ve also got the page online that says I’m allowed them, as I expect to be challenged at every check point! They better not go near my crochet needle either!

So in several days, there’ll either be an update will all the lovely squares I’ve made or a rant against Airport security! I’d love to hear from anyone who’s successfully travelled with a small pair of scissors!


2 thoughts on “Travel Knitting and Airport Security

  1. I travel with a pair of blunt or rounded scissors – the kind a grade-school child would use. I have had no problems. I even toss them in the bin with my hand lotion out in the open so they don’t think I’m trying to hide them.

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