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A 1920s vintage new start.

The story so far…


I use to write a blog called one-girl-three-goals, however, having achieved two of those goals and realized the enormity of the one I’m left with I’ve decided on a new blogging start that focuses on crafting, a huge means of escape for me, and finding the perfect job. Two things that are hopefully not as incompatible as they sound.

To recap some of the main points from my previous endeavours:

30th March 2012

I’m in my last year of University and I have three major goals at this point: Graduate, Get a job, and make a 1920s dress for my Graduation Ball. 

So I’ve decided to document the process, along the way there are several essays, exams, job applications and miscellaneous craft projects.

Part of the problem is no doubt the fact that if I didn’t spend so much of my time on absolutely INCREDIBLE but slightly less useful craft projects I would do more work on my degree…

I’m in my fourth year of  Studies and  graduate on the 10th July, however my final exam is 26th May, so that’s the official deadline. I have so far applied to every and any job going, ranging from public sector to publishing to finance (not sure what I was thinking with that one) to unpaid internships. 

Unfortunately to get an unpaid internship for experience they would like it if you already had experience. 

And the most important, the 1920s dress for my graduation ball for the 14th  June. It’s black tie with a 1920s theme and I have always wanted a 1920s flapper dress, so I am going to make one, hopefully.

The rest of the academic year can be effectively summed up through a sample of photos:


Knitted Easter Bunny (Pattern:


Cabled Waist Belt (Pattern: Knit Now Magazine, Issue 5)

Knitted waistcoat (Pattern: Purl Alpaca Designs)


Placemat and Coaster (Pattern: The Knitter’s Bible)


Crochet Skirt Apron (Pattern Let’s Get Crafting- Issue 40)

So now I have successfully graduated with a First Class Honours degree and completed a 1920s black flappers dress. So now the job search truly begins, though I do have a few craft projects I might work on first…


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